Individual Memberships

Select the Individual Membership Category that Fits Your Practice or Training Level

ACAAM individual membership provides access to members-only resources and education to academic addiction medicine physicians, addiction medicine fellowship program faculty and staff, and current fellows as well as residents and students with an interest in addiction medicine who are not already part of a program-level membership.

Applications Now Being Accepted

Details about each available membership category and associated eligibility and dues rates can be found below.

Please select the membership category that best fits your status during the upcoming academic year. For example, if you completed a fellowship program in June, you qualify for Recent Fellowship Program Graduate membership.

Existing ABAM and ACAAM account holders can contact ACAAM to join. ABAM Diplomates who are eligible for ACAAM membership are very welcome to join. If you have an existing account, are eligible for membership, and would like to join, contact ACAAM for assistance.

Join Now

Regular Membership - $395


Current and former faculty of addiction medicine fellowship programs; addiction medicine fellowship program graduates who completed their training more than one year ago; current and former ABAM, TAMF, AMFDA, or ACAAM board and committee members; individuals who participate in addiction medicine training; non-trainee physicians who are interested in completing a fellowship; and/or physicians who are working to establish an accredited addiction medicine fellowship program all qualify for Regular Membership. Individuals who do not meet these requirements may appeal to the Membership Committee for special consideration by contacting ACAAM Headquarters at [email protected].


Recent Fellowship Program Graduate Membership - $105


Fellowship program graduates who have completed their training within the past year are eligible. Members in this category will renew as full-paying Regular Members.


Trainee Membership - $55


Current medical students, interns, residents, and fellows (whose fellowship program is not a current member) are invited to join as Trainee Members. The following verification information is required as part of the Trainee Member application:

  • Fellows: Letter from Program Director or Program Administrator verifying training status (pdf or image upload)
  • Residents: Photo of hospital I.D. (image upload)
  • Students: Photo of medical school I.D. (image upload)


How to Apply

Eligible individuals who do not already have an account with ABAM or ACAAM are invited to submit their new membership application. If you have an existing account and meet the above eligibility requirements, contact ACAAM with instructions on how to join.

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