Fellowship Program Membership

Unlock Essential Benefits for Program Faculty, Administrators, and Fellows

ACAAM supports Fellowship Program Members by offering solutions to support fellow and faculty training, education, and recruitment. Fellowship Program Members receive exclusive access to ACAAM educational materials, ACAAM National Addiction Medicine Didactic Initiative (weekly curriculum), volunteer and networking opportunities, and discounts to attend the ACAAM Annual Conference for their entire program.

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Accredited addiction medicine fellowship training programs in North America are eligible for Program Memberships. Membership benefits are available to one program director, two associate program directors/faculty, the program administrator and all active fellows. Sign up your program as a Fellowship Program Member and unlock essential benefits—including the ACAAM National Addiction Medicine Didactic Curriculum—for your faculty and fellows.


Annual Dues

ACAAM Fellowship Program Membership dues are $1,575 annually. The ACAAM membership year runs from July-June, with dues renewable by June 30 each year. Programs may join year-round. The dues rate will reflect the following proration schedule: 

  • July 1- January 31: $1,575
  • February 1 - March 31: $788
  • April 1 - June 30: $1,969 ($394 + the next year)

Special Perks of Joining as a Program

  • Streamlines administration of membership for selected faculty and fellows—manage just one invoice for everyone’s membership.
  • Taps your program into ACAAM’s work to recruit trainees into programs and access recruitment tools.
  • Supports ACAAM’s continued leadership and advocacy efforts to expand a fellowship-trained workforce.

How to Apply

Accredited addiction medicine fellowship programs are invited to submit their membership application. When enrolling your program as an ACAAM member, please be prepared with the following information:

  • Designated Primary Contact who will be asked to provide their personal contact and professional information as part of the program application.
  • The name and email address for each individual at your program who you wish to include in the program membership. ACAAM program membership covers up to one program director, two associate program directors/faculty, the program administrator and all active fellows. Include active faculty and enrolled fellows for the July 1 - June 30 academic year when completing the application. If there are additional faculty at your program for whom you wish to provide membership, you can add them during the application process and select to pay $395 extra to cover their cost, or they are welcome to join themselves as individual members.
  • Credit card information, if paying by card. Check payment is also an option, and membership benefits will be activated upon receipt of payment.
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