Getting Involved in ACAAM

Looking to become more involved in ACAAM? There are many ways to participate in the organization's activities, from serving on a committee, moderating an online community, and serving as a host for a meet-up at a national meeting.

Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities

A Call for Volunteers is held annually (in August) to allow members to be a part of our committees and advisory groups. All volunteers must be ACAAM members and in good standing. The Call for Volunteers is currently closed. If you have any interest in a short-term volunteer opportunity, please send a message to [email protected]


Volunteer service is primarily completed through a combination of email correspondence and Zoom calls to advance specific committee charges. Committee members are appointed to a serve a two-three year term. 

Advisory Group:

Volunteer service is completed through a combination of email correspondence and Zoom calls to advance specific charges. The group meets in an advisory capacity as specific issues arise. Advisory group members serve a two-year term.

Member Community Moderator: 

ACAAM is launching a new platform to host member community online engagement. We are looking for moderators to stimulate discussion by posting questions and responding to those posted by the community. Member community moderators serve a one-year term. 

Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities

Consider the following...

Write an article for the Newsletter/Blog - ACAAM welcomes articles on any subject related to academic addiction medicine, and should be brief (average is 250 words) and represent you - your personality, your personal experiences, and your views.

Serve as Host for a Meet-up at a National Meeting - Attending a national meeting where you know ACAAM colleagues will be in attendance? Live in the area the meeting is being held at? Sign up to host a meet-up. There is no financial obligation to serving as a host.

Task Force Work - from time to time there is a need to assemble a task force to focus on a specific task or project. Add your name to the list if you are looking for short-term project work.

Promoting the Field at a Non-Addiction Medicine Conference - If you are attending or presenting at a non-addiction medicine conference, request our free "Ask Me About Addiction Medicine Fellowship Training" Button kit. 

If you have any questions, please contact ACAAM Member Services at [email protected] or 301.656.3880.