Give the Gift of ACAAM

Looking for something to gift your graduating fellows?

ACAAM is providing the opportunity for Program Directors and Administrators to gift their graduating fellows their ACAAM membership. Please click the link, below, to gift a graduating fellow a Recent Fellowship Graduate Membership ($100). Select the amount of memberships you would like to gift and upload a roster with their information. We'll handle the rest!

Membership Gifting

Please email [email protected] to request cards to provide your fellows based on the amount of memberships purchased. 

A message from President-Elect, Alexander Walley, MD MSc about gifting:
"A core mission of Addiction Medicine Fellowships and ACAAM is to ensure that our graduates are equipped to become board certified and deliver high quality addiction specialty care. By gifting the graduating fellows with a new graduate ACAAM membership, our fellowship makes sure that our fellows can stay connected with fellowship programs and training. They maintain access to ACAAM's ADEPT training exam as a membership benefit which will help them prepare for their board exam, which most take in the fall after they graduate. They also can access the weekly Wednesday national seminars that can keep them current on core addiction medicine clinical issues. Experiencing the benefits of an individual ACAAM membership will help graduates continue as ACAAM members and help grow academic addiction medicine."

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