St. Joseph Mercy's 2021 Annual Meeting Fellow Lightning Round Presentation

Brendan Sullivan, DO presented "Improving Rates of HIV/Hepatitis C Screening and Naloxone Co-prescription” during the June 2021 ACAAM Annual Meeting’s Fellows Lightning Round session. Dr. Sullivan is a 2021 graduate of the addiction medicine fellowship program at St. Joseph Mercy in Ann Arbor, MI.

Dr. Sullivan's presentation explored the second cycle of an ongoing quality improvement project conducted by St. Joseph Mercy's Addiction Medicine clinic to increase Hepatitis C/HIV screening and naloxone prescription rates. For this intervention, a medical assistant called the clinic's new patients and asked three screening questions for naloxone, Hepatitis C, and HIV. If the patient screens positive for any of the questions, the provider can then discuss screening with the patient and place the necessary orders. 

The results of the intervention showed that, while Hepatitis C/HIV and naloxone screening rates did improve from the last year, about 80% of patients still declined screening for Hepatitis C/HIV. The clinic plans to investigate the reasons for the low interest in screening and work on decreasing barriers to screening in the future.

View Dr. Sullivan's slides.

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