Current Application Season Update

Even as the recruitment season for the 2022 academic year continues, Addiction Medicine fellowships are beginning to look toward the next application cycle. Two closely related themes top the agenda: getting the word out to potential candidates and improving the process for applicants and fellowships alike.

At the latest ACAAM Virtual Town Hall on November 18, program directors, faculty, and coordinators gathered to begin discussing next steps. The meeting came exactly one month after the offer period for 2022 positions opened for most fellowships participating in the Common Decision Date. The Common Date plan provided a 3-month window of “protected time” so applicants could fully explore their options and programs could complete interviews before offers started.

Nevertheless, fellowships reported a continued need for greater coordination in the post-interview process, and many renewed calls for Addiction Medicine to join the Match. Others at the Town Hall highlighted the need to further build awareness of Addiction Medicine training and career opportunities among medical residents and other potential fellowship candidates. They noted that fellowship positions have grown significantly, particularly with the federal Health Resources and Services Administration grant program launched last year.

Following the Common Decision Date, approximately 54% of funded positions were filled, and 59% of programs were still recruiting. This compares with 42% filled and 72% still recruiting at the same time last year. Addiction Medicine has traditionally had a rolling application cycle, so these numbers will be updated.

To help candidates find openings, ACAAM has posted interactive maps showing which fellowships are still taking applications.

Meanwhile, ACAAM will continue to support the two program director–led Task Groups dedicated to the application system and pipeline development. Further information on the Match is forthcoming, and planning continues for another Recruitment Fair in the spring.

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