Accredited Addiction Medicine Fellowships

About the Subspecialty

An addiction medicine physician is a physician trained and certified to provide comprehensive care for addiction and substance related disorders, including the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of such health conditions. Learn more.

Fellowship Training

  • Clinical fellowships are available for physicians who have completed residency training in any of the 24 primary specialties. The 12-month programs produce clinical experts, faculty, researchers, and change agents.
  • 95 addiction medicine fellowships are currently accredited by ACGME. 
  • Fellowship graduates are eligible to take the addiction medicine certification exam by the American Board of Preventive Medicine or the American Osteopathic Association. While qualified physicians may currently seek certification on the basis of practice experience, fellowship training is recognized as the highest level of preparation. Learn more.
  • Most fellowships follow a July-June academic calendar, but many also offer part-time and off-cycle training. Salary and benefits are typically at the PGY-4 level.
  • Fellowship graduates practice in a variety of settings ranging from specialized addiction care to general medicine and public health settings. Their skills and expertise are increasingly sought by health systems, academic institutions, hospitals, medical groups, and public health. This demand is driven by recognition that addiction is a complex chronic disease that is both costly and challenging. Evidence-based approaches are now advancing at a rapid pace, but there is a shortage of experts to apply them and provide preventive interventions, treatment, consultation and teaching.
  • Fellowships follow core standards but offer diverse options. Training occurs in general ambulatory settings, outpatient addiction programs, inpatient addiction facilities, hospital medical-surgical units, consult services, and health system and public health settings. Experience is emphasized in longitudinal care, interdisciplinary teams, and prevention as well as comprehensive treatment in multiple modalities. Fellows work with patients across the lifespan who are demographically diverse and represent a broad range of addiction pathology.
  • Learn more about finding and applying to addiction medicine fellowships.

Annual Addiction Medicine Fellow Virtual Graduation Events

This inspiring event is an annual opportunity to celebrate our graduating fellows and witness their launch into the addiction medicine workforce. Click the years, below, to watch the previously recorded events.