Journal Focuses on Addiction Medicine

ACAAM Directors and former presidents Jeffrey H. Samet, MD, MA, MPH, and Patrick G. O’Connor, MD, MPH, along with Michael D. Stein, MD, are editors of the July issue of Medical Clinics of North America, which is devoted to “Substance Use and Addiction Medicine.” (

“This is an incredibly exciting time in medicine,” they write. “Medications to address addictive disorders are now available and have been tested in clinical trials. Physicians are working in new teams and configurations with greater attention to the breadth of addiction’s effects. Health system administrators are becoming aware of the health and cost benefits of assisting substance-using patients at every contact point. The notion that Addiction Medicine addresses mainstream medical problems that demand the attention of all generalist physicians is becoming the norm. This timely issue of Medical Clinics of North America , Substance Use and Addiction Medicine, will serve as a resource to all who want to provide medical care around these important issues in a well-informed and effective manner.”

– Samet JH, O’Connor PG, Stein MD. The Internist’s Challenge: Addressing Our Patients’ Unhealthy Substance Use. Medical Clinics of North America. 2018;102(4):xvii-xviii.

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