Number of Fellowships Growing with ACGME Accreditations

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has now accredited 33 Addiction Medicine Fellowships, including 7 new programs that were not previously accredited by The Addiction Medicine Foundation. This brings the total number of fellowships to 62, including those accredited by TAMF.

The ACGME’s Review Committee for Family Medicine approved 8 accreditations at its meeting on Oct. 18-19. The Review Committee for Psychiatry had already approved 14 accreditations at its Aug. 18 meeting, and the Review Committee for Internal Medicine approved 11 at its Sept. 27-30 meeting. Another 29 programs are accredited by TAMF, including 3 in Canada.

Graduates of ACGME and TAMF programs are equally eligible to take the Addiction Medicine certification examination through 2021. The TAMF programs in the U.S. are expected to apply for ACGME accreditation by then. In the interim, TAMF programs follow the same general requirements as the ACGME programs.

The latest ACGME accreditations include new fellowships in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Ohio, as well as programs previously accredited by TAMF in Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Because Addiction Medicine is a multispecialty subspecialty available to physicians from all primary specialties, fellowships may be based in various residency programs, including Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. ACGME will review additional accreditation applications from programs affiliated with Family Medicine residencies later in October, and applications will continue to be processed on an ongoing basis thereafter.

Most addiction medicine fellowships are currently accepting applications from candidates for the 2019-20 academic year.

The full list of addiction medicine fellowships is at:

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