Addiction Medicine Curriculum Guide


  • Clinical Experience: At least 9 months
    • Inpatient: At least 3 months
    • Outpatient: At least 3 months
    • Continuity Panel: At least ½ day per week for year (excluding vacation; cumulative total is approximately 1.2 months)
    • Clinical Electives: variable, depending on length of required rotations (total clinical experience must be at least 9 months; total electives and scholarly activity may not exceed 3 months)
  • Didactics
    • At least ½ day per week for year (excluding vacation)
  • Electives and Scholarly Activity: No more than 3 months
  • For scheduling purposes, Continuity Panel and Didactics may occur within the required clinical rotations.
  • Time in Continuity Panel may be counted toward meeting the 3-month minimum requirement. If this is done, plan carefully in order to meet the requirement for at least 9 months of total clinical experience without exceeding the 3-month maximum for electives.

The curriculum for addiction medicine fellowship training is based on the following documents: